AJUI_Tip 1.6

Tooltip for 4D


It is intended for 4D developers. It allows you to dynamically generate beautiful/helpful tooltips (Tip) in the context of a form.


AJUI_Tip is a modern UI tooltip engine that helps the user to understand unknown or unfamiliar objects or the result of a process of data entry in a 4D Form.

This is a powerful and modern way to simplify UI and assist the user when he needs this information with minimalist effort on their part. This help also the developers to use screen space more effectively.

Visual Effect

Visual effects and animations are provided to enrich the user experience. AJUI_Tip well implemented can dramatically improve the user’s experience and revolutionize the interaction of your applications.


Inside the Tip you can display your multi-styled text or even your own form with your specific interactions !


AJUI_Tip may be downloaded and used for free in compiled mode (MIT License).

The source code can also be purchased, please contact us for a quote.

License: see AJAR license


Tips  are drawn on SVG which creates beautifully rendered tooltips on Mac and Windows.

Easy Coding

The component offers several methods to customize and manipulate them using an object with Getters and Setters created using the New Formula feature of 4D V17R3. These can be stored and reused in JSON formats as a template.



We provide an "How Do I" application AJUI_Tip_Lab which will help you to understand what you can do with this component. It will help you creating your own templates with a 4D code generator.

Assistance and support​​

If you wish, we can help you integrate this component with your applications as part of our support services.

Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Source Code

Please contact us if you wish to have the source code to guarantee the perenity of this 4D component or to adapt it to your own needs.

Variables Footprint

The 4D Component “AJUI_Tip” has a very small footprint which is :

  • Interprocess variables size : 12 bytes
  • Process variables size : 216 bytes

Adaption to your needs

We can also adapt and/or extend the functionalities of this component, if you

Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Some examples