Animation for 4D


It is intended for 4D developers. It allows you to define a wide range of animation effects (easing) in the context of a form.


AJUI_Animate offers a wide range of animation effects that will allow you to add a new dimension of interaction with the users of your application

Visual Effect

Animations are provided to enrich the user experience. AJUI_Animate well implemented can dramatically improve the user’s experience and revolutionize the interaction of your applications. 
We provide more than 45 animation effects with preset parameters that you can modify if needed to feed your needs.

Purpose of animations

Used sparingly and wisely it can add a more emotional interaction between your application and your users. It will provide feedback to inform the user during long operations. It will highlight an interface element that requires user intervention. It will allow you to confirm a user action. In short, it will inform the user of the status and operation of your application.


Animation don’t rely on the On Timer event that can collide with your own On Timer event. 

Source Code

Please contact us if you wish to have the source code to guarantee the perenity of this 4D component or to adapt it to your own needs.

Assistance and support​​

If you wish, we can help you integrate this component with your applications as part of our support services. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Adaption to your needs

AJUI_Animate is built on our own 4D framework offering animation functions both more complex and more atomic (keyframes, easing with Bezier curve, serialization, parallelism) quite similar to CSS Animations. 
If you wish, we can expose these advanced functions or adapt them to your needs.
Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Variables Footprint

The 4D Component “AJUI_Animate” has a very small footprint which is :
Interprocess variables size : 12 bytes
Process variables size : 216 bytes


AJUI_Animate may be downloaded and used for free in compiled mode (MIT License).
The source code can also be purchased, please contact us for a quote. (see AJAR license)


1 - AJUI_Animate

2 - AJUI_Animate Documentation

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