Easy multilingual localisation tool for 4D


It is intended for 4D developers as well as translators. It allows you to manage the XLIFF translations of your 4D application.


A modern graphical interface allows you to view and edit several languages simultaneously. You can easily navigate through the organization of languages, files, groups and strings in a single window.


You can translate simultaneously into different languages. The number of languages is not limited.


It allows you to work in client/server with different users at the same time to translate your application with no limitations.


The component need 4 tables to be created on your database and give you the ability to manipulate the data by your own if you need.

XLIFF import/export

The component allows the import of the already existing XLIFF files for every language, simple and easily. Just a click of a button.


You can associate notes for every string localized. You can do a full search for any string. drag & drop are supported to generate the 4D code with the current xliff reference.


The component without license can be launch as a demo but have some restrictions with limited number of records.


AJUI_Tools_XLIFF compiled :

  • Company: 850 CHF
  • Editor: 1'500 CHF

License: see AJAR license

Assistance and support​​

Do you have any bug, issue or a simple question, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Source Code

Please contact us if you wish to have the source code to guarantee the perenity of this 4D component or to adapt it to your own needs.

Variable Footprint

The component has a very small footprint which is :

  • Interprocess variables size : 28 bytes
  • Process variables size : 216 bytes


Adaptation to your needs

We can also adapt and/or extend the functionalities of this component, if you wish.

Don’t hesitate to contact us.


1 - AJ_Tools_xliff Component

2 - AJ_Tools_xliff Documentation

Some examples