Simple Unit Test Module for 4D Database


AJ_Tools_UnitTest is a component developed with 4D v17 R5. Its purpose is to give 4D developers a way to do unit test and partial integration tests within 4D.

Write Tests

It is made to be used in development environment but not in production. You can write unit tests and partial integration tests (no UI). You cannot write functional tests with this component.


This component was created under the inspiration of the Javascript unit test library RITEway developed by Eric Elliott, which is a master in the Test Driven Development.


The component and the source code are available under the MIT license.



Assistance and support​​

Do you have any bug, issue or a simple question, don’t hesitate to contact us.


1 - AJ_Tools_UnitTest

2 - AJ_Tools_UnitTest Documentation

Some examples